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Gabor Gasztonyi

For me photography is thinking about what to photograph and then trying to preserve it, knowing that the whole process is always about something that's already happened.

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Photography is not an end in itself. It is only part of the means by which I choose to respond to what's before me. Simply being there is what is important - and being aware of all of the subtleties that life presents us. Photography is a way of capturing those visual fragments of time and space that verge on what the artist feels to be pure perfection.

With time, photography is free to become a subconscious and instinctual response. Photograph is one part technical know-how, another part each of foresight and tenacity, and lastly a smattering of good fortune. When all of these elements combine, the results can be quite wonderful. But the most essential element, which really can't fully be taught, is having a deep sense of connection with and love for the natural world and a genuine interest in the people with whom we cross paths. Joanne Lotter Gurling

Gabor Gasztonyi

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