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Van Dop Gallery: A New Art Experience
The spirit of giving is an integral part of building and maintaining business and personal relationships.

Customized Recognition Programs

Showing appreciation in today’s work environment is a challenge facing all companies. Acknowledging special people and events lets you effectively communicate how much you value both their loyalty and their contribution. Successful business owners use a creative mix of rewards to motivate their employees.

The Van Dop Formula for Employee Recognition:

  1. Match the reward to the person:

    Employees want recognition in the form of unique gifts they will keep and enjoy, gifts which fit their personality, compliment their interests and make them feel proud of their accomplishments, as well as the company they represent.

  2. Match the reward to the achievement:

    Effective rewards are designed to account for the significance of the contribution.

  3. Be timely and specific:

    Rewards can have a big impact if they are given as soon as possible after the achievement.

The Van Dop Gallery designs employee gift programs to meet all service and recognition requirements:  Length of Service, Retirement, Best Customer Recognition and Sales Achievements, to name a few. Our commitment to service means we work within your timeline, your budget and we take care of ALL the details, including maintaining a corporate gift registry, so you always know when, what and to whom your gifts were given.