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Van Dop Gallery: A New Art Experience
Van Dop Gallery Off Site presents -Jim Walsh

Van Dop Gallery Off Site presents -Jim Walsh

Colours of the Season
Exhibition from July 4, 2016 to July 31, 2016

Soon to grace the tree lines and sidewalks of the city are the crisp and brilliant colours of autumn; bringing with them that old, familiar autumn feeling. Wish as we may, the radiance of autumn shortly fades into the quiet of winter and we are left with mere memories of seasons coloured like the pallet of a Master. This July, experience a new way of appreciating the richness of colour we see throughout the year in our province with the exhibition of Jim Walsh at Eclipse Hair Cafe. The paintings of Jim Walsh during his solo exhibition appropriately entitled, Colours of the Season.

Jim Walsh is a local New West artist with a career spanning over 30 years including such diverse media as painting, photography, and graphic design. This dynamic artist has shown in galleries and exhibitions all over North America with paintings featured in numerous publications, including the Artists of British Columbia Vol. 2 - available at the Van Dop Gallery. Born and raised in New York City, James Charles Walsh draws influence from diversity and from the natural world around him. Captured by the scenery of our beautiful province, Walsh’s most recent works exhibit luminous red trees that capture the essence of autumn vitality as well as cheerful flowerscapes illustrating the blooming exuberance of spring.

Experience the glory of the seasons captured by Walsh’s expressive brushstrokes at Colours of the Season.

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